"I not only wanted a better life for myself, but also for my family.  Life is not about having a career and earning a living, rather it is about making a difference and doing what is right."


Ron-York has 10 to 12 years of professional experience in both, public and private industry accounting. While working full-time as a Dock Supervisor for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, he attended California Polytechnic University in Pomona, graduated in December of 2004, as well as found time to pass the CPA exam.


The passion for wanting to make a difference and doing what is right has led him on a journey which provided him with the opportunity to acquire a unique skill set, unmatched by many other professionals. 


Laying the Foundation - Boutique CPA Firm Experience

During the time Ron-York began his professional career at a boutique CPA firm in Cerritos, California, the accounting profession was faced with an abundance of embarrassing accounting scandals, ranging from Enron, HealthSouth to World-Com, to name a few.  The media focused on publicly- traded corporations, the Big 4 and other large national accounting firms.


Yet, smaller local firms were not immune to the scrutiny and scandal. Ron-York experienced this first hand, when two Partners of the local firm were held accountable for committing tax fraud, ultimately attributing to professionals leaving the firm.

One of the former Partners who had departed the firm and joined another local firm, suggested for Ron-York to come onboard to continue his professional career.  Ron-York took this opportunity and joined the local firm in Pasadena, California.

Continued Growth - Large Local CPA Firm Experience

After having spent approximately a total of four years at smaller, local CPA firms, focusing on tax and audit work, Ron-York wanted to streamline his professional career by focusing on audit and accounting work, as well as broaden his overall accounting knowledgebase by branching out to service clients that operate in various industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, and non-for-profit organizations. The opportunity he was seeking was provided to him by a large, local firm in Pasadena, California, which he joined in 2008.

In late March 2010, almost at the end of the busy season, Ron-York learned that a family member, who resided in the Philippines at the time, was terminally ill and passed away in early April.  While not an easy decision, Ron-York decided to leave the firm and tend to various family matters.


Later that year, Ron-York again was provided with an unique opportunity when another local, large firm in Los Angeles was looking for assistance with governmental audits, an industry that he always found intriguing, but knew very little about. During his three-year tenure with the Los Angeles based firm, he gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience, specifically regarding risk assessment, internal controls and fraud prevention, rekindling his interest and spirit in doing what is right.  

Becoming a Well Rounded, Seasoned Professional - Private Industry Experience 

While enjoying public accounting, being exposed to various clients and industries, Ron-York really wanted to focus on fraud prevention and related internal controls. Realizing this, he took the opportunity of joining the Legal and SOX Department of a publicly traded company, based in Torrance, California, during which time he obtained the Certified Fraud Examiner license.

When it became public knowledge that the company and his department was relocating to Plano, Texas, Ron-York was at a crossroad again.


Full Circle - Putting the Professional Knowledge to Work 

While still at the publicly-traded company, one of the former Partners of the boutique firm Ron-York had worked for, reached out to him and inquired whether he would be interested in joining the firm he had joined, located in Woodland Hills, California. Being intimately familiar now with internal controls, fraud prevention, audits and reviews, Ron-York happily accepted the offer and joined the firm in 2015.  


During his time with the firm, Ron-York not only provided audit, review and tax services to his clients, he also became the lead individual on a fraud investigation at one of the firm’s privately held dealership clients. Ron-York uncovered various alleged fraud schemes that were committed by a former key employee, with estimated embezzlement of funds of at least $200,000 in one year.

"If you do what is right, and not only what is correct, no words need to be spoken, as the truth will speak for itself”


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